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Keep Progressing
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Keep Progressing because things are only going to get better from here on out...

I have learned that with time and effort you can change your whole world around if you believe that you can. Even when you don't think you can do it, you'll prove yourself wrong because it happened to me and I couldn't thank myself and others enough for it. My thinking has changed from negative and never believing in myself, to having belief and always knowing that I can do it if I put my mind to the task. If I didn't do that, I would of went no where fast. I've made a lot of changes and still have more to come. I found myself a house, now I am progressing towards a bigger house with a more pet-friendly vibe because I love my dogs. I am struggling with finding ways to make extra cash and saving up because the world we live in today is very expensive. I have overcome my negative thoughts, I mean, some say they are still in the distant fog but I always push through to become a better me. I am learning that it takes time and patience and a lot of perseverance. If there is anything that I can help someone with, I will do the best that I can and I will not leave their side until its accomplished because I am a caring human being and I don't want to see people go through what I went through. It's not fun and it's scary. My perspective to get off the streets: it takes determination and a lot of time and energy but if you believe you deserve it, you will make it come true and nobody can do that but you, so remember that. 

- Brian S. 2018



When you look at the world and they say no
Remember, there is always someone saying yes
When you reach for the door and it stays closed
Remember, there is one more being opened
When you look at the street and its all black and white
Remember, the tear you cried was blue
When you look at the child with no life inside
Remember, there is, just give him a chance
When you look at the wind, and it seems lost
Remember, in time once, so were you
When you look at the trees, and they want answers
Remember, there is always someone who will

- Anonymous, 1990


Looking at Yourself
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One day you will wake up and look in the mirror and smile; because you like what you see. Not necessarily what you look like, but who you are. If you can look in the mirror and love the person who looks back at you, you have made it. It's that person you have to look at each day, the person you have to please, accept how they feel and why they feel it. But, if for some strange reason, you don't like what you see, just think about all the good you've done as well as the bad. For that is who you are and what your past and your future is all about, what you're all about. And thats what life is all about, good and evil. The man is the mirror can tell you that. 

- Anonymous, 1990 

For You, By You
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This past April at our, Engaging Youth, Engaging Community event (, we heard about parents, professionals, volunteers and community members, value and belief in autonomy, ownership and self-accountability when raising and supporting young people. After the weekend, we explored our archives of over thirty years of written words and found additional perspectives from the young people themselves.  Have you heard of Self-Determination Theory? 

We were on to something that weekend... self-determination is not only important for youth but for all human beings. All of July, we will be exploring the topic: For You, By You, by sharing living knowledge about determination, empowerment and taking action. Tell us why self-care and self-determination is important to you and all of us. How do YOU think service providers/care givers - teachers, parents, youth workers, social workers and health care professionals - can create an environment in which they support self-advocacy and independent thinking in young people? 

This month we hope to create space to share and understand the importance of giving CHOICE and taking care of YOU. 

"The person I care most about is me because I owe it to myself" 
- A Participant

As always we encourage you to share, comment and tell us your thoughts and learnings!

Thank you for learning along side us!