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The Street Situation
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The Street Situation

Many teens and adults live on the streets. I am also one who has had an experience being on the streets; it is not a fun situation to be in. Many people living on the streets have to worry about where they are going to sleep and where their next meal is going to come from. For some street people, they turn to drugs and alcohol as a way out! Some can’t handle or survive on the streets and commit suicide or die a slow death. Before I was living on the streets, I used to ignore the street people, now I know how it feels to be ignored. There is nothing but poverty, hopelessness, rejection, anger, hate, and no love. If you could look into the hearts of these special people, your heart would be broken. Where hopelessness grips your heart and squeezes the life out of you. Where depression literally controls your mind, there is that thought of suicide, which after a while gets deep down into your mind and then suicide becomes death. These street people need love, think about it.            

This was a story about some street life situations... 

Suicide Prevention Day: Reading List
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4 Videos to end the silence around suicide:

Real advice from those who attempted suicide:

What it's like recovering from a suicide attempt:

Moving Forward:

"What is it going to take for people to realize that there's a sense of urgency?"

Barriers faced by youth in Canada trying to access Mental Health services:

Close link between suicide and addiction:

Listening Project: Getting Help for Depression: an Exercise in the Illogical:

Listening Project: "You can slip sometimes and that doesn't mean you have to fall":

Listening Project: Something has to Change:


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Something Has To Change
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I did not know of you
…until after 

I did not know you but
I saw your beautiful face
Your engaging smile
Your bright eyes  
Filled with such potential
…and I cried
I read what those who  
Knew and loved you said
…and I cried
When I walk up on Nose Hill
I often feel a connection to you
…and I cry
I did not know you
But I really would have wanted to 

Maybe I would have made you  
Your favourite cake
Not saying that would have fixed your pain
But it might have started a conversation
And maybe we would have just sat together  
And talked about other desserts you liked
And maybe after all the talk of food
When some trust had been built
I would have just sat and listened
To your hopes and dreams
Maybe…just maybe

-Someone who wants to better understand