Kiss the people you love

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Over the past couple months or so, I have come to realize how fast time really flies. Days turn into night, nights grow longer and colder, just to turn around and in turn grow shorter. The temperature rises, snow melts – turning ice into slush. Which in turn makes the grass and trees go from bare skeletons to bright and colorful portraits of life.   

We get so caught up in how much meaningless tasks we have to complete in the forever shortening days that we lose track of what matters. We grow apart from our friends and family – completely unintentionally. It’s not until someone who we value and care deeply about grows ill or some remarkable or tragic incident/miracle/accident occurs that forces us to remember what really and truly matters.   

Three years ago on September 28th my mother had a massive class “five” ruptured brain aneurysm that completely randomly almost took her form us. For 10 days she laid in the Foothills ICU, and not a single doctor could tell us if she was going to make it or not. That was the first time since 2004 that all of her seven sisters and her younger brother, as well as all seven of her children shared a common area (The ICU waiting room). Unfortunately it took the passing of her father – my beloved grandfather – to bring us all back to neutral terms.

With that being said: Kiss the people you love, cause you never know when it may be your last. Say how you feel, don’t hold grudges and don’t be afraid to express your heart. Life flies by, don’t let it catch you off guard. Make time for those you love. Make memories and laugh!  

- N

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