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I See the Better Day
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I See the Better Day

Sitting in the hospital day by day
Wondering how I let myself go astray
Lonely days pass
I go unnoticed
I can’t help the anger
I can’t stay focused
Simply this is the hardest thing I’ve done
Besides thinking of myself as Number One
If I cared for myself I wouldn’t have gotten this way
I learned from this
That’s important to say
Don’t give up so easy
So unbearable
I hate being this way
It’s so unfair ya know
Stringing tears they come in floods
When I think of my family and my “Buds”
I try to read
I try to forget
I try to live without regret
The fear inside me will go away
I will not go away
I’m here to stay
No longer confused
I know my path
Tomorrow is happy and I’ll laugh
I have a pleasant disposition second to none
I will live free and fear no one
Things are brighter and better tomorrow
The thing is I learned
That’s the marrow

- Kim B, 2006

Waiting for the Light
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Depression is sometimes hard to mask, it can take over in so many ways. It affects us differently, it’s hard to wake up and get motivated. Thinking of all the negative things in life, trapped in darkness feeling lost within your sadness. Waiting for the light, waiting to be found, but knowing that only you can save yourself. Looking for the answers and trying to pull yourself back up from the pit of your anguish. The hurt doesn’t always go away, but looking for that light is hope that someday the pain will go away. And you will save yourself!

- Misguided Angel, 2008

The shadow that is there
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The Shadow that is there
With the mask that I did wear
came a man that needed to scare
Violence and hatred was all that was there.
It seemed that nobody cared.

Then came sadness and next to the pain
everything started seeming the same.
I know there was something better than the chains
that held me down from flying again.

Boom it happened, it drove me insane.
A small child smiled and asked em to play.

First there was a battle then a loud crack
that was the end of the stupid mask.
The sun came out and the animals did speak
everybody sang about peace.

- Anonymous, 1996

The mask that I wear is so perfect
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I sit here with a smile on my face, I smile as I breathe in deep, I smile as I close my eyes and I smile all day long; the sky is dark, as freezing winds sweep into my bones, I sit here smiling silently cold and empty; I wait here frozen in time, with my dreams torn apart, my heart encased in a tomb, I smile to mask my true emotions; smile is all I do day in and day out, the mask that I wear is so perfect, one needs to come a lot closer, to see the tears trickling down my eyes; the days are long, the nights longer still, I try to find the light, but find comfort only in the dark; emotions swell inside, walking on a broken path, I look up for the rainbow hoping that one day I will get off this broken path and onto a new one; emotions swell inside, walking on a broken path, I look up for the rainbow hoping that one day I will get off this broken path and onto a new one.

Lorne, 2011

We are the youth of the streets
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We are the youth of the streets
We run wild, we run free,
We wish this didn’t have to be; can’t you see
We walk the sidewalks paved with fear
Our eyes are full of anger and hate, sorrow and pain
We do this again and again
We are the forgotten youth of today
And the future of tomorrow
Please stop this sorrow
We are the lost and the confused
Our families don’t want us and the government doesn’t care
Is this fair- what is right, what is wrong?
Where the hell do we belong?
We are the children of the night
We won’t go down without a fight
No genie in a bottle, no magic carpet
No shoes on my feet, it’s funny that way
You can get used to the tears and the pain

- John S, 1992

The Street Situation
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The Street Situation

Many teens and adults live on the streets. I am also one who has had an experience being on the streets; it is not a fun situation to be in. Many people living on the streets have to worry about where they are going to sleep and where their next meal is going to come from. For some street people, they turn to drugs and alcohol as a way out! Some can’t handle or survive on the streets and commit suicide or die a slow death. Before I was living on the streets, I used to ignore the street people, now I know how it feels to be ignored. There is nothing but poverty, hopelessness, rejection, anger, hate, and no love. If you could look into the hearts of these special people, your heart would be broken. Where hopelessness grips your heart and squeezes the life out of you. Where depression literally controls your mind, there is that thought of suicide, which after a while gets deep down into your mind and then suicide becomes death. These street people need love, think about it.            

This was a story about some street life situations... 

Mental Awaken
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Mental Awaken!

There’s a place so deep that the light can’t reach and all you can do is pray. Hope you can sleep without anything to eat and hope to wake up not there. The ground starts to shake, you become awake and there’s the door right there! I too lived in this hole and I thought there was no hope. Then I too woke up and looked for the door. Once it was there, I became scared not knowing if anyone would care. I went through the door only to find that there are people that care. They helped to restore my hope in life and taught me how to talk to the people that I was afraid of. Thanks to this I have goals and I can fulfill dreams.

- Anonymous