For You, By You

For You, By You - intro photo.png

This past April at our, Engaging Youth, Engaging Community event (, we heard about parents, professionals, volunteers and community members, value and belief in autonomy, ownership and self-accountability when raising and supporting young people. After the weekend, we explored our archives of over thirty years of written words and found additional perspectives from the young people themselves.  Have you heard of Self-Determination Theory? 

We were on to something that weekend... self-determination is not only important for youth but for all human beings. All of July, we will be exploring the topic: For You, By You, by sharing living knowledge about determination, empowerment and taking action. Tell us why self-care and self-determination is important to you and all of us. How do YOU think service providers/care givers - teachers, parents, youth workers, social workers and health care professionals - can create an environment in which they support self-advocacy and independent thinking in young people? 

This month we hope to create space to share and understand the importance of giving CHOICE and taking care of YOU. 

"The person I care most about is me because I owe it to myself" 
- A Participant

As always we encourage you to share, comment and tell us your thoughts and learnings!

Thank you for learning along side us!