The Listening Project
The Listening Project
No solution can be found until everyone understands the problem

The Listening Project

"No solution can be found until everyone understands the problem." 



The Listening Project
An online space 

To bring your voice forward
To talk about social barriers, polices, systems and social issues impacting us. 

We are creating a space to LISTEN AND LEARN From EVERYONE. And determine how we can MAKE CHANGE To better our society For ALL. 

We are an idea growing out of a small non-profit in Calgary, AB. For 30 years we have supported young people exiting street life. In these 30 years we have collected thousands of submissions teaching us societies gaps, downfalls and triumphs. 

In collaboration with all they have taught us, your input and your experiences: The listening project aims to MAKE CHANGE and better society. 

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Advocate: 'To speak or write in favour of, support or urge by argument; recommend publicly'


We invite you to: 

1. Like, share, comment, and reply to our posts to help raise awareness and stimulate conversation about how people experience our society. 

2. Send us online content (articles, videos, memes, photos, events) to bring awareness to issues important to you and your community.


To learn what our upcoming Focuses are, and maximize The Listening Project's content collection sign up for Advocate Updates. 


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WITNESS: 'One who has personal knowledge of something'


We invite you to teach others and challenge perspectives by submitting your stories illustrating realities and examples of social barriers, policies, systems and social issues.  

We understand story goes beyond our own person, we invite you to share what you have witnessed on behalf of another. 


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